Video Interview Etiquette

video Interview etiquette


Many interviews are being carried out on Zoom or Microsoft Teams at the moment. But how do you prepare for an on-screen video interview?

The same protocol applies with in-person or online interviews.  Be punctual. Dress accordingly. Engage energetically and enthusiastically with your interview panel. Be prepared.
Engage with the panel. Try not to look at yourself on the screen.
Practice on the screen beforehand.


Log on to the online platform ten minutes in advance to avoid delays to the interview schedule.
This should be sufficient time to check sound, camera/video and background setup.


Ensure that the location for interview is quiet to avoid disruptions.
Have water on hand should it be required during the interview.
Ensure an uncluttered background behind you.
A plain wall is always a good option.
If your bedroom is your only available space for doing the interview, make sure that any clutter or clothes are not seen on the screen.
If the only chair available to you is a swivel, be conscious of you “swiveling” in the chair during the interview.


Turn off all other devices in the room to avoid feedback and under no circumstances should you text or email during the interview.
Keep your mobile phone in another room on silent.
Ensure that no other applications or programmes are open on your PC or laptop as they may interrupt the connection.

Dress Code:

Dress appropriately for a formal interview.  
If your chair is high-backed, wear clothes of a contrast colour to the chair.  
Ladies should wear nice bright colours with clean simple lines for clothes for the ladies.  And avoid revealing too much skin on top.
With long hair, keep it back from your face but avoid too much of a severe ponytail.

Body Language:

Own your chair.  
Sit tall with good posture and make sure you present on the screen with most of upper body – not only shoulders up!
Try not to fidget or pull at your hair.
Focus on the speaker and your camera.
Scan in the panel when answering a question.


Speak clearly and slowly, at a regular volume.
Remember to allow for delay in transmission and wait a few seconds before speaking to ensure you don’t talk over the interviewer.
Try to keep an open, smiling face.