Why Student Coaching

So, you have been successful in gaining entry to your chosen University course.  You arrive on campus filled with excitement, curiosity, enthusiasm and possibly, apprehension.  Fresher’s year starts on a great note.  Your journey through the first few years of study have their ups and downs; assignments; deadlines; study sessions; extra-curricular activities.

Then, for some of you, things are not quite working out as you had planned. 

Questions arise – “Am I doing the right course”?  “I’m struggling with the course content”.  “I’m struggling with the social aspect of college life”.

In your 3rd/4th year, work placement is an integral part of your course requiring an interview.
What are these organisations/companies/firms looking for in a placement?
What are they looking for in a candidate for Graduate Programmes?
Are you prepared for that interview?
What do I need to do a great interview?
Have I the self-belief?
Have I the confidence to carry off an interview?
Which Graduate Programme should I apply for?
Have I done the interview preparation?

How Carmel can help

I will support you to find clarity and help assess where you are at in your studies and in University life. Sometimes, we just need another viewpoint to help untangle any confusion.  CarmeOKeeffe.com has proven student coaching experience in these areas.

Support coaching Programmes for Graduates with CarmelOKeeffe.com

You’re the kind of person who always wants to improve, so you will be able to show employers how much you’ve done to personally develop yourself and to help others do better too.  You’re developing skills like communicating, organizing and teamwork.  These skills are always in demand by potential employers.

  • Do  you have a professional CV?
  • Are you prepared for the placement interview?
  • Do you believe in yourself and have the confidence to do a successful interview for placement?

I will review your CV and Cover Letter for possible tweaking.

The interview represents the usual method of making decisions on placement from your college course. I will help build your confidence to prepare for interview and will provide the relevant coaching and training. This coaching will inform you of the techniques and practices that will help you perform at your optimum level at interviews.

Student CV

(incl cover letter)
  • 1 hour Session
  • Zoom


  • 1 hour Session
  • Zoom


  • 1 hour Session
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  • 1 hour Session
  • Zoom

Setting Goals

Goal setting is mostly about identifying what you want to achieve and how. A well-defined goal motivates and energises. It inspires you, challenges you and pushes you to grow.

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