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When you believe in people, the difference it makes can be life-changing. With over 20 years’ coaching experience at many levels,  what I know for sure is that we all experience a setback to our confidence and self-belief at times in our lives.  This impacts our commitment to performance at work.  It impacts how we live our lives.  It impacts our relationships both professional and personal.

What I bring to my clients with my years of coaching experience is the unfailing support to get back on track, restoring self-belief and self-confidence.  Coaching is a process which requires investment on both the part of the coach and coachee.

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Carmel O’Keeffe has been providing Career Business and Life Coaching services for many years, taking pride in providing quality services , being personally engaged and successfully delivering client goals. 

“I believe in my heart and soul that you are unique in how you make a difference. You have a signature kindness and a deep respect of people and this filters through engaging and tough sessions alike; I always have the sense from you that your absolute raison d’etre is to support and guide people to live the best version of life that is on offer. You never sell it easy, but you provide every possible resource to scaffold a route to improvements, fulfillments, contentment and confidence. I have learned so much this year about myself and about the way I influence relationships and my career choices and all this has led me to feel much more equipped to deal with all that life has to throw at me but in the knowledge that life also has a lot to offer! I don’t think anyone else would have been so perfectly poised to support me in developing this perspective”.