I am so thankful that I got to meet you and got all that help from you it made a fierce difference. The big thing I think that stood to me was the way you made me think about how they are thinking of me when I walk in after seeing my CV. And another thing was the way that you advised me that they want someone to fit in with the team I really took all those things on board and I think they really helped me in both interviews. Your advice was fantastic thank you so much and I will be keeping all that in mind when I start in the new role.  I will be recommending you to everyone!  Buíochas ó chroí, 
Interview Training client
Where do I start...from the first day I met Carmel on 22nd of March 2019 life has changed dramatically for the better. I now work to live instead of live to work! Through working with Carmel I redefined my career and life goals. This change has impacted life for the better and lots of friends and family have commented on the transformation. Life sparkles... If like the old me you need some guidance to go find what will make life sparkle for you I could not recommend Carmel highly enough.
Life Coaching client
Some of the conversations we had made more sense in retrospective, especially since you had your coaching hat on. Not sure how to phrase this, but your deeper insights and coaching influenced me and my thinking a lot. Until this day, I have a small Carmel voice in my head when I am looking into career decisions. And I am sure this will help me on my journey to reach for that 90+% occupation fit.    Jobwise, I have concluded my Blackbelt last year. Working in Germany now as a leanish consultant in a decent company close to family (=78% fit).    Wish you all the best, and I might sign up for a refresher coaching when I get back to Cork
Career Coaching client
Not sure if you remember me, but i just wanted to thank you so much for all your help! I've been offered the position ! I even managed to fight off 4 internal candidates and 15 external!! Only for your advice I doubt I would have been as successful, most questions we went through that day came up and after the week of preparation I felt very confident.  Thanks again Carmel,  I've passed and will continue to pass on your details to anyone I would think would benefit from the terrific service you provide.
Interview Training client 
There are no words to describe how thankful I am to Carmel and her coaching. I was lower than low when I met Carmel by chance at a women’s business networking event in late 2019. To the outside world, I was ‘doing great’ after a difficult divorce, a move back to Ireland after almost 20 years in the US with my child and a new job which was most certainly not aligned with my life goals. I connected with Carmel straight away, shed a few tears and left that event knowing that I was going to be OK. She has an extremely warm approach and her advice and direction is so insightful and thought provoking. It was almost as if she knew where I needed to get to before I did - by gently coaxing that out of me she gave me the confidence to face life head on again. I had felt like such a failure but Carmel made me realize all that I had achieved in life both personally and professionally. I consider myself to be the lucky person in our interactions, she gave me the strength and tools I needed to re-build my life here in Ireland and for that I’ll be forever grateful!
Confidence and Career Coaching client
I always said I would contact you again with the possibility of me securing a full-time job. I am very, very pleased to let you know, I now have secured a job with a very reputable Company.The position is Business Process Analyst , with a Global undertaking. It’s the type of role I always wanted. I undertook 4 interviews from start to finish and as you can see above. I nailed the Interviews. It’s a Permanent role as well. with a very attractive Salary plus huge benefits. So overall,l I am very pleased, Carmel. I am now working here for the last 6 days. It gives me great humility and gratitude to say “Thank You” so much for your expertise, knowledge, advice and especially your heartfelt support for my quest for a job. I would certainly recommend you to any of my colleagues. I wish you all the best in the future.
Career Coaching and Interview Training client 
“I had no confidence. I had lost all self-belief and was feeling pretty low. I had absolutely no direction in life or where to turn to or whatever next to do. I thought I would never work again. Then by chance I met you (Carmel). You were like a whirlwind of magic weaving your magic around me. You made me see myself as clever, capable, intelligent with a big personality to share in any project I were to take on. You instilled a confidence that carried me through finding my way and flying through interviews, I found myself back in the work place with complete faith in my ability to be the best and have never looked back. You are by far the best thing that ever happened to me and am forever in your debt”.
Return to work Coaching and Interview Training client
In Late 2019, I was at crossroads in my working career and Carmel came into my life. I was struggling with anxiety and had no belief in myself after my confidence had been knocked. Carmel sat with me, listened and encouraged me to see that I do have something to give and that I have transferable skills. With her support and calming way, I transformed myself into someone who is in control and doesn’t let people knock me down anymore. I have since recommended Carmel. Carmel has your interests at heart. She is genuine, compassionate and amazingly knowledgeable. I will always be thankful to her.
Confidence and Career Coaching client
Carmel is an inspiring, encouraging and supportive coach. She has a gift of helping you discover what your heart desires by aligning your true values. I would not have landed my dream role without her. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Carmel and I know who I can count on for coaching and support in the future
Career Coaching client
“Carmel’s sense of humour, energy and professionalism gave me the jolt I badly needed. I was feeling sorry for myself. I had been made redundant March 2018. I had a few sessions with Carmel who from the first minute of meeting with her, instilled belief that I could get back on the horse and start again. And armed with a revamped CV, a road map for the job seeking journey ahead and the words – “Think success; dress for success (professionally) and walk tall”, I started job searching. I was working within 4 months.
Return to Work Coaching client
I could write a very same-y review and tell everyone how wonderful Carmel is (which would be 100% true!), but instead I think it would be better to give you some of the facts. From the very first time I met Carmel, over a year ago, I felt truly listened to. This was evident from the perceptive questions Carmel thought to ask, in a gentle and encouraging way, to help me move along a path from a very difficult time in my life to a more fulfilling daily experience. Since working with her, my finances have improved, my health is better, and I am more content at work and in my relationships. I firmly believe that these positive changes have come about because of Carmel's unique style, ability to recognise areas for growth, and tailored resources to support and encourage me in moving forward in a meaningful, personal way that enhances my life and the lives of my loved ones. I intend continuing to work with her for the foreseeable and I highly recommend her to anyone considering coaching!
Life Coaching client