Why Return to work Coaching?

Covid-19 has had different impacts for many of us.  One of those impacts has been the loss of jobs or reduction in working hours across most organisations.

Are you unemployed and want to get back to work?

Has Covid-19 affected your employment status?
Are you unsure of what to do next?
Would you like to feel heard?
Do you feel you’ve lost confidence in your abilities?
Would you like to feel more self-assured?
What would it take for you to feel supported?

Carmel O’Keeffe.com is here to support you on your journey

Where to Start?

Book a return to work coaching session with me to start the process of building your confidence and identifying your skills, strengths and what may be holding you back. Together, you and I will find a direction and a road map for you to follow.
I will help you put that plan together for job searching.

With over 20 years of experience, I have coached and helped to transition people who are out of work into paid employment and empowered them to regain their confidence.
As Founder of Dress for Success Cork, I have worked with hundreds of women, supporting them in their quest to courageously stand firm in their own power.

Return to Work Coaching

  • 1 hour Session
  • Price per hour
  • Zoom or in person
“Carmel’s sense of humour, energy and professionalism gave me the jolt I badly needed, I was feeling sorry for myself and had been made redundant March 2018 and had a few sessions with Carmel who from the first minute of meeting with her, instilled belief that I could get back on the horse and start again. Armed with a revamped CV, a road map for the job seeking journey ahead and the words – “Think success; dress for success (professionally) and walk tall”, I started job searching and was working within 4 months.
Return to Work Coaching client

Setting Goals

Goal setting is mostly about identifying what you want to achieve and how. A well-defined goal motivates and energises. It inspires you, challenges you and pushes you to grow.

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