Group Training Programmes

Carmel has long experience of successfully delivering training programmes supporting learners at all levels from managers to business owners and from employees to people seeking employment. She is committed to contributing to the development challenges faced by organisations and individuals in this challenging Covid-19 environment.   Carmel’s focus is to offer positive business outcomes and rewarding individual learning experiences.

Carmel’s training programmes are designed to increase proficiency and competency in personal and business development skills. offers the following training programmes:

  • Management and Team Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Return to Work Workshops
  • Customer Service Training

Managing High Performance Teams

Designed for managers who want to understand team dynamics and how to build and manage a collaborative, high performance and engaged team.

In order for team members to be happy and productive, it is essential to play to their strengths.  According to a Gallup survey, employees are 61% more engaged if their managers focuses on their strengths.  In addition, people feel better doing tasks that they are good at and, most importantly, they perform better.

This high impact one-day workshop focuses on developing skills and abilities to encourage high levels of performance and engagement from your team.  It will explore in detail what makes a team, how to build a high performance team, how to structure work in teams in developing a common purpose, confidence, pride and a collaborative spirit.

and Team

Group Training
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Career Development

  • Enhancement of existing skills
  • Considerations when working remotely
  • Elements of effective time-management/planning, prioritizing, self-awareness, engagement with others
  • How to develop and adhere to a Personal Plan of Action (PPOA)
  • Career planning and progression for organisations
  • Effective communications in the workplace
  • Competency Based Interview Skills Training including Presentation Skills Training
  • CV Design and Development

These training workshops will help participants to explore their current skills and abilities and will support them in identifying those required to progress internally as opportunities begin to arise in their companies.  It will give the opportunity for participants to identify their transferable skills, key strengths and areas requiring attention for support. The workshop also includes setting realistic and achievable personal and professional goals.
Interview practice will cover competency based interview training in groups using pre-set interview questions.

Career Development

Group Training
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Personal Effectiveness

In all professions, there is a constant requirement to ensure we have the abilities to tackle all of the tasks which we face with confidence.  Carmel’s personal effectiveness training programmes are designed to motivate participants to look at performance improvement and provide practical tools which work on a day to day basis.
  • Professional Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Influencing Skills
  • Communicating with Impact

Personal Effectiveness

Group Training
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Return to Work Training

  • Personal Development
  • Confidence Building
  • Personal Brand
  • Communication
  • Personal Presentation (Dress for Success at interview and at work) CV Building
  • Interview Skills
  • Training (including Zoom/Telephone/Face-to-Face) Networking
These training workshops will first and foremost help to build self-confidence in the participants abilities. They will help with practical ways to face life challenges and manage and maintain physical and mental wellbeing.  They will help to take stock, build resilience, manage change, set goals to help prepare for a return to work.

Delivery method:

  • ZOOM
  • You will only need a PC/laptop/smart phone or tablet to participate
  • This interactive training experience enables you to connect remotely in an online environment
  • Individual Coaching/Mentoring online on a one-to-one basis following the group sessions will be available by appointment to suit your schedule.
  • Carmel will ensure you will have expert assistance providing you with practical, focused knowledge to help you survive and thrive throughout the current restrictions and in the future when this crisis is over.

Return to Work

Group Training
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Customer Service Training

Excellence in customer service does not come easily.  It needs to be carefully defined, planned and  managed.  This training will provide you with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of customer care and why it matters to be customer focused. You will be taken through the actions to ensure a positive customer experience environment.  You will have a set of tools and techniques at the end of the one-day workshop to deliver top class customer service.

Delivery method:

  • ZOOM
  • Formal tuition
  • Group Work
  • Individual practice exercises

Customer Service

Group Training
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Setting Goals

Goal setting is mostly about identifying what you want to achieve and how. A well-defined goal motivates and energises. It inspires you, challenges you and pushes you to grow.

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